This is the final Thursday Process webinar using this platform. We are transitioning to an opt-in marketing approach, and will be livestreaming Thursday Process, to be consumed on the platform of your choice beginning in August 2023.

Caitlyn Jopp, Director of Community for Channel Program, joins us to talk about the benefits of creating opt-in only marketing initiatives. Caitlyn has built successful opt-in only marketing programs for vendors including ITGlue, Auvik and Evo Security. She is a self described "Opt-In Dominatrix" who believes your prospects should be able to choose when and how they are contacted. Her campaigns have included "The Nifty Gifty" and many other rich offer campaigns that allowed MSPs to opt-in to marketing in return for a sequence of gifts provided by popular vendors.

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Carrie Simpson-Richardson
Ian Richardson
Managing Partner, Richardson & Richardson Consulting
Ian Richardson founded Doberman Technologies in November 2005 in Lansing, Michigan. Originally Doberman was a break/fix I.T. provider of residential and small business IT Support, done primarily on nights and weekends while Ian attended and worked full time at a vocational college. In 2010, Ian left his job at the college and focused full time on Doberman. His journey took him from a year 1 of full-time focus, to operating a multimillion-dollar MSP, ranked consistently as a leader in the field by both industry and state/local publications, associations, and governing bodies. In 2017, through his HTG peer group facilitator Israel Lang, Ian was introduced to the Paterson Center, and the StratOp™ methodology of business planning and management. Doberman adopted StratOp that same year, focusing on the core idea that process, strategy, and customer experience were paramount in a rapidly consolidating and commoditizing field. Using strategy and process, combined with sales and marketing acumen, Ian and Doberman were able to continue to command a leading presence in their local market, and differentiate themselves from a wide berth of competition.
In 2020 – Ian took the next step of becoming a certified StratOp Guide, diving deeper in strategic planning and coaching. Ian achieved final certification in October 2021 and completed a successful transaction on Doberman in December 2021.
Ian joined his wife, Carrie Richardson's, I.T. Telemarketing Agency, Managed Sale Pros, in April of 2021 to help prepare that organization for sale. MSPros successfully transacted in November of 2022, and Ian exited the organization as part of that sale.
Today, Ian serves as Managing Partner for Richardson & Richardson Consulting - a multi-disciplinary business consultancy. His work supports his mission of helping enough entrepreneurs in enough ways that the world is a fundamentally better place.
Caitlyn Jopp
VP, Community & Engagement, Channel Program
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