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What will the workplace look like when we return back to the office? Will the conference rooms be safe, will elevators be safe, will our work environment provide safety where our employees are not at risk? These are some of the questions that all end users are already considering and planning to tackle.

Join us for this thought-provoking discussion with a number of industry leaders on the front lines of this transformation as we explore the transformation of the workplace in the future.
Julia Cooper
Principal | Regional Leader of Consulting, HOK
Julia Payne Cooper is a Workplace Strategist and certified Change Management Practitioner with over 10 years of strategic planning experience and 25 years of design experience. She understand that the workplace is a strategic tool that can be used to achieve a variety of outcomes to directly and effectively address an organization’s challenges. Julia has studied a range of business models, complex issues, and the challenges that many companies face as they attempt to effect change through the built environment. She has helped develop data-driven planning and property solutions to link work process, technology, human resources, and organizational goals to design decisions for a range of client types in multiple locations across the United States and overseas.
Caroline Quick
Senior Principal, T3 Advisors
For nearly a decade, I’ve helped executives and leaders in HR, real estate, operations, and finance at rapid-growth tech companies scale their businesses through strategic, culturally aligned real estate and workplace solutions.
Christopher Good
Creative Director, One Workplace
Chris believes in the power of design to do good things for other people. His work is devoted to changing the way we think about and shape the built environment. He is a frequent speaker and presenter at events across the country, leading active workshops teaching the power and influence of design. An award-winning interior designer and artist, Chris has worked with IDEO as a build partner for the Teachers Guild, Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room Campaign, and with the Unreasonable Group’s Project literacy lab; a business accelerator geared towards high-growth global entrepreneurs seeking to ensure universal literacy.
Eric Ibsen
Chief Design Officer, Forge
I have more than 28 years of work experience in new construction, building renovation and adaptive reuse and commercial interiors. This was preceded by 7 years in marketing and advertising, a brief detour in my career. My goal is to help grow the firm, advocate the importance of good design and develop our young talent by leading and supporting the excellent work of our design teams.

My areas of accomplishment and specialization include architectural project visioning, conceptual project strategy development, establishment and leadership in design direction, internal and external team leadership and presentation of design solutions.
Vladimir Bosanac
Publisher, The Registry
Co-founder and publisher of The Registry