The world is coming out of an unprecedentedly slow period that impacted all of our society’s habits as we were forced to adapt to new rules and constraints. Following years of transition in our ways to buy throughout the world, the global sanitary situation accelerated our replacement of cash by other payment solutions.

These past few years, new means of payment got created and became very popular, digital wallets are probably the most famous example. In 2013, cash was still the number one payment method used in the world, representing 73% of the value of global payments, it is expected to fall to 25% of the value by 2023, allegedly replaced by digital wallets. Those so-called alternative payment methods bring other questions to the tables, especially regarding regulations and fees as they easily bypass them, impacting traditional financial institutions revenues.

With this global ever-changing background and the one-of-a-kind context the world is dealing with, and following one of the greatest fintech events of the year, what should we expect the payment scheme to look like in 10 years?
Thu, Oct 21, 2021 · 5:00 PM Amsterdam (GMT 2:00)
Christophe Bourbier
CEO of Limonetik, a Thunes Company
Christophe Bourbier is a born entrepreneur and an executive with over 20 years of experience in competitive and disruptive strategy. Competitor at heart, captivated by international affairs, Christophe, before he founded Limonetik in 2007, had created different companies in High Tech and Communications. In July 2021, Limonetik integrated Thunes' offer to become Thunes Collections, turning the company into an end-to-end service.
Masha Cilliers
Global Expansion and Partnership Advisor at Thunes
Senior professional with over 25 years experience, Masha has a speciality in the Payments Industry with a focus on Digital Commerce, Fraud and Identity Management, Payment and related Regulation Compliance. After experiences in executive roles at Datacash (MasterCard), Global Collect (Worldline), CyberSource (Visa) and Microsoft, she founded and became the Principal Consultant of Payment Options Ltd, Associate Specialist Partner at Be Shaping the Future, Global Expansion and Partnership Advisor at Thunes as well as NED at Trust Payments and at PaySME.
Marianne Salmans
VP Retail EU Digital Payments at Nuvei
Marianne Salmans is the Vice President Retail EU Digital Payments at Nuvei, responsible for optimizing payment strategies for EU-based retail partners. With 14 years of fintech experience advising clients based in the US, APAC and Europe on their global payment strategies, she brings a wealth of insight and experience to the role. In her spare time, she enjoys golf, yoga, and travel.
Mélisande Mual
Publisher of The Paypers, Moderator
Publisher and owner of The Paypers, the global leading source of news and intelligence for professionals in payments, fintech and digital commerce. Mélisande held several leadership positions in leading B2B Publisher (Wolters Kluwer) and Telecom (KPN) companies.