Today, we all demand more transparency, visibility and control over our data. Regardless of regulations, we want to manage our privacy preferences for things like opting out of data collection, delegating data access, and granting or revoking consent for how our data can be used. Industry leaders know privacy is a differentiator that builds trust and loyalty. So, they’re looking past the complexity to spearhead self-service data privacy management and enforce consents in real time. Learn how dynamic authorization can help you give customers what they want while meeting the demands of data protection regulations and information risk requirements.
  • Understanding the importance of privacy in building trust and loyalty with customers.
  • Practical insights into how businesses can leverage dynamic authorization to deliver a personalized customer experience that respects and protects their privacy.
  • The importance of providing customers with control over their data, including managing their privacy preferences and leaning into consent, even when not required by data protection regulations.
Adam Rusbridge
Senior Product Manager at Ping Identity
Adam Rusbridge is a Senior Product Manager focused on Ping’s Authorisation products, responsible for developing cutting-edge solutions that keep organisations and their resources safe and secure.
Mirela Ciobanu
Lead Editor at The Paypers
Mirela Ciobanu is Lead Editor at The Paypers, specialising in the Banking and Fintech domain. With a keen eye for industry trends, she is constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in digital assets, regtech, payment innovation, and fraud prevention. Mirela is particularly passionate about crypto, blockchain, DeFi, and fincrime investigations, and is a strong advocate for online data privacy and protection. As a skilled writer, Mirela strives to deliver accurate and informative insights to her readers, always in pursuit of the most compelling version of the truth.
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