The mobile banking market is on a rapid ascent, projected to hit the $7 billion mark by 2032, fueled by consumer demands for seamless and personalized banking experiences. However, this surge is accompanied by a dramatic growth in financial fraud. Industry research shows that one in every 20 fraud attacks can be traced back to a rogue mobile application, underscoring a pivotal front in the battle against financial fraud and emphasizing the acute need for stringent mobile app security measures.

With its Mobile Banking Heist Report, Zimperium provides product, security, and risk leaders with an overview of mobile banking malware's critical evolutionary trends and countermeasures they can take to secure their mobile banking apps.
  • What makes Mobile banking malware so successful in the real world
  • How new capabilities are making credential theft, account takeover, and fraud frictionless
  • How is banking regulation evolving globally to combat the threat
  • What are some best practices for protecting mobile banking apps
Krishna Vishnubhotla
VP of Product Strategy
Krishna Vishnubhotla is an accomplished executive with a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the technology and banking sectors. With a strong focus on product strategy, marketing, and customer success, Krishna has been instrumental in driving exponential growth and fostering strategic alliances across global markets. Krishna has been with Zimperium for 8+ years and is currently the VP of Product Strategy.
Nicolás Chiaraviglio
Chief Scientist
Nicolás Chiaraviglio is a data-driven problem solver, bringing innovation using automatic learning techniques. His main area of expertise is data science and machine learning with a strong focus on deep learning. Nicolás has been with Zimperium for 7+ years and is currently Zimperiums's Chief Scientist, leading a team of 25 researchers to develop state of the art machine learning algorithms for malware and phishing detection.
Mirela Ciobanu
Lead Editor at The Paypers
Mirela Ciobanu is Lead Editor at The Paypers, specialising in the Banking and Fintech domain. With a keen eye for industry trends, she is constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in digital assets, regtech, payment innovation, and fraud prevention. Mirela is particularly passionate about crypto, blockchain, DeFi, and fincrime investigations, and is a strong advocate for online data privacy and protection. As a skilled writer, Mirela strives to deliver accurate and informative insights to her readers, always in pursuit of the most compelling version of the truth.
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