The growth and advancement in the online digital space and eCommerce is making it easy for consumers to transact over the internet, but it’s also creating opportunities for fraudsters at record levels. Data breaches are on the rise which allows fraudsters to leverage stolen data to defraud businesses and their customers with the use of bot attacks, account takeovers and new account fraud.

To combat this trend, organizations are stepping up their online fraud detection and prevention measures while being mindful of maintaining a user-friendly digital experience. One critical factor is to identify fraud sooner. Fraud detection should happen immediately, way before checkout or any transactions, by detecting any anomalous activity in each unique session.

Join this webinar to learn more about how early fraud detection can reduce both fraud and customer friction.
Tue, Oct 26, 2021 · 4:00 PM Amsterdam (GMT 2:00)
Alasdair Rambaud
Head of Fraud at Ping Identity
Alasdair Rambaud was the CEO of SecuredTouch, a position he assumed in August 2019. He is now Head of Fraud at Ping Identity. Alasdair has been in the payments and fraud mitigation for merchants and financial institutions for over 20 years and has held many global roles with EverCompliant, CardinalCommerce, and Accertify. Alasdair started his career at American Express where he spent 15 years in Sales, Strategy, and General Management. Alasdair has a passion for helping merchants solve their fraud dilemmas without compromising on the customer experience.
Ran Wasserman
Principal Architect at Ping Identity
Ran brings 15+ years of experience in software development and cybersecurity, from IAF’s elite computing unit as a developer and team leader, to IMPERVA where he held several development and management positions, focusing on web security and the WAF product. As SecuredTouch CTO, he leads the research and delivery of SecuredTouch’s cutting edge fraud solutions. With SecuredTouch acquisition Ran is now a principal architect on Ping’s product architecture group.
Anda Kania
Lead Editor for Payments and Commerce at The Paypers, Moderator
Anda is a doctor in Political Sciences, currently exploring her research skills to discover the latest trends in the payment and commerce industry. As lead domain editor, Anda analyses the hottest topics and discusses them with thought leaders in order to get the pulse of the payments environment.