BNPL or "Buy Now, Pay Later" has been dominating the payment industry news since last year. A lot of new companies emerged, creating a significant shift of payment volume from traditional cash and credit card payments to new BNPL offerings, both within E-commerce and at the Point of Sale. Payment companies are increasingly focused on this trend and quite a few took the opportunity to offer BNPL products to their merchant customers. But there are some caveats on how to implement and operate BNPL products. Higher rewards usually come with higher risks and BNPL is no exception.

In this webinar, Urs Bader and Roberto Valerio will share some first-hand insights from their work with large payment companies on how to implement pay later products successfully with merchants and where the real challenges are.
Thu, Apr 7, 2022 · 4:00 PM Amsterdam (GMT 2:00)
  • A quick introduction to all key components of a true BNPL solution
  • The beauty of BNPL - A consumer-centric product for a simple and quick checkout experience
  • The Challenges of BNPL - Advice on steering clear of risk for consumers and merchants
  • For Payment Companies: How to position your BNPL offerings - as a brand or a service? What do merchants expect from you?
  • For Payment Companies: The shift from payment brands to marketplaces and consumer apps. How to avoid the Klarna trap.
Urs Bader
Co-Founder and COO of PAYLA
Urs is Co-founder and COO of PAYLA, a true white-label ‘Buy now, Pay later’ solution provider for European Payment Service companies and Financial Institutions. Before that, he spent 2 years as CEO of Regis24, a Berlin based credit agency specialising on consumer credit data for e-Commerce companies. From 2011 to 2019 he was a key contributor to the success of RatePay, generally building and developing the company in his role as COO and Managing Director. RatePay is a BaFin-licensed payment company within the BNPL industry that was sold to Advent International and Bain Capital in 2018. Urs is well known within the industry as an expert for any BNPL related topics.
Roberto Valerio
Co-Founder and CEO of PAYLA
Roberto is Co-founder and CEO of PAYLA. Prior to this, he founded Risk42, a software startup specialising in credit scoring automatisation. The business was sold in 2020 to Unzer Group. From 2012 to 2018, he was the founder and CEO of RISK IDENT, a software company building sophisticated fraud prevention products within ecommerce, telecommunications and financial services. Customers included Otto Group, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Billpay, RatePay, Schufa among others. For the last years, he has played an active role within the online payment and risk management industry.
Matthias Leyendecker
Co-Founder and CPO of PAYLA
Matthias is Co-founder and CPO of PAYLA, a true white-label “Buy now, Pay later” solution provider for European Payment Service companies and Financial Institutions. Prior to PAYLA, Matthias worked for over a decade in various product lead roles within the payment and consumer risk space. Most recently he ran as Head of Product BNPL the pay later offering of Unzer. Before that he spent 5 years at Paysafe, where he was also the Head of Product of the Pay Later portfolio. From 2012 to 2015 he worked at Arvato Financal Solutions, with a focus on scalable consumer risk solutions tailored towards the BNPL / ecommerce use case.
Mélisande Mual
Publisher and Managing Director at The Paypers
Mélisande Mual is the publisher and owner of The Paypers, the global leading source of news and intelligence for professionals in payments, fintech and digital commerce. Prior to The Paypers, Mélisande held several leadership positions in leading B2B Publisher (Wolters Kluwer) and Telecom (KPN) companies.