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:22 – 22:00 “Why Reconfigurability Will Be Key for Inference at Scale” with Ramine Roane, Xilinx

22:02 – 51:03 - “Building Vast, Scalable Conversational AI Platforms: Pain Points in Software, Hardware” with Chandra Khatri, Uber

51:05 – 1:09:50 - “Architectural Considerations for Next Generation Deep Learning” with Bill Dally, Stanford/Nvidia

1:10:00 – 1:44:00 – VC Panel: AI Market Perspectives (Khosla Ventures, Intel Capital, Applied Ventures, hosted by Karl Freund, Moor Insights and Strategy).

1:44 - 2:14 - “Refining Machine Reasoning and the Hardware/Systems Impact” with Jason Gauci, Facebook.

2:15 – 2:33 – “AI Hardware in Context: Cerebras at Lawrence Livermore National Lab” with Brian Spears (LLNL) and Andy Hock (Cerebras).

2:33 – 2:52 - “Scalability, Efficiency, and Architectural Balance: A Chat with SambaNova” with Rodrigo Liang, CEO/co-founder, SambaNova.

2:52 – 3:07 –- “Using AI to Design AI Chips: EDA Next Area for Deep Learning Growth” with Elias Fallon, Cadence.
3:07 – 3:25 “High Performance, Low Power: The FPGA Way to Consider Datacenter Inference” with Raymond Njissen, Achronix

3:25 – 3:46 “Performance Benchmarking and Device Evaluation” with Peter Mattson, Google; Maxim Naumov, Facebook, and Debo Dutta, Cisco (hosted by David Kanter)

3:46 – 4:10 -“Architectural Differentiation from the Ground Up” with SiMa.Ai founder, CEO, Krishna Rangasayee
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    Nicole Hemsoth
    Co-Host, The Next AI Platform
    Nicole Hemsoth is Co-Founder and Co-Editor of The Next Platform and co-host of The Next AI Platform event. In addition to her role analyzing the AI and semiconductor space, she brings insight from the world of high performance computing following most recently a career covering supercomputing hardware and software as former Editor in Chief of long-standing supercomputing magazine, HPCwire. She was founding editor and conceptual creator of the data-intensive computing magazine Datanami, as well as the conceptual creator and founding Senior Editor for the large-scale infrastructure focused EnterpriseTech.
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    Timothy Prickett Morgan
    Co-Host, The Next AI Platform
    Timothy Prickett Morgan is Co-Founder and Co-Editor of The Next Platform and co-host of The Next AI Platform event on March 10, 2020 in San Jose. He brings 25 years of experience as a publisher, IT industry analyst, editor, and journalist for some of the world’s most widely-read high-tech and business publications including The Register, BusinessWeek, Midrange Computing, IT Jungle, Unigram, The Four Hundred, ComputerWire, Computer Business Review, Computer System News and IBM Systems User. Most recently, he was the Editor in Chief of EnterpriseTech.
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    Karl Freund
    Guest Interviewer, The Next AI Platform
    Karl Freund is Moor Insights & Strategy’s lead analyst for HPC and deep learning. His recent experiences as the VP of Marketing at AMD and Calxeda, as well as his previous positions at Cray and IBM, positions him as a leading industry expert in these rapidly evolving industries. Karl works with investment and technology customers to help them understand the emerging deep learning opportunity in datacenters, from competitive landscape to ecosystem to strategy. Freund is also a Forbes contributing author.