Do you need help running your projects? Ever wonder how we work with clients and teams here at Blind? Do your clients ask for more than they pay for? Curious about growing your team or outsourcing work?

Then you probably don't want to miss this.

Matthew Encina and I will be answering YOUR questions about dealing with clients, leading bigger teams, and overall project management in this exclusive one-hour webinar. Buckle your seatbelts!

Hey guys! Ben Burns here, and I gotta be honest. I learned project management the hard way. Back in the day, I lost a few clients because I was so unorganized, which resulted in losing a pretty significant amount of revenue (read: dollar bills, ya'll).

I knew it was a problem, and I knew I had to get things squared away before hiring anyone to work with me, so I hunted for a good solution. I pretty much tried every method under the sun (Scrum, Lean, Waterfall... to name a few), and none really fit the dynamic of working with clients. They rarely followed the rules, and I wound up frustrated nearly every time.

I also tried every project management software under the sun, from Basecamp to Asana and more. And while a lot of the software was fantastic, it didn't solve the underlying problem that I had: I needed a good foundation. I needed structure.

See, structure is the reason why scope creep exists. Or a lack of structure, that is. Even if you feel like you have a solid approach to your projects, if you're not communicating that structure on a regular basis with your clients, scope creep is not only probable... it's inevitable.

I can't tell you how many times I've had to deal with clients who asked for just one more round of revisions to make a small change... or have you ever heard this one?

"How hard would it be to..."

Sound familiar? Then register above - you're not going to want to miss this!
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  • How do you track all necessary changes and misc messages/emails?
  • How do you manage decision-makers who want different things?
  • How do you deal with clients who miss milestones, but expect you to complete the project on time?
  • Do you concentrate on one project at a time, or do you multi-task between a bunch?
  • How do you organize a project start to finish?
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    • Arts & culture
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  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Everyone
  • Webinar ID: 0b83ca60470d
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