Understanding brand strength has remained somewhat of a mystery for many snacking companies. Snack food rankings have historically relied on generic popularity polls, sales data, social listening tools, reviewer critiques, and biased “pay to play” methodology – all of which have some value, but lack in providing a true measure of brand strength.

Alpha-Diver and The Food Institute are pleased to unveil the industry’s first comprehensive consumer psychology-based ranking of snack brands – The Snack 50. The study was conducted and designed by neuro-market researchers at Alpha-Diver in partnership with The Food Institute, a leading food industry media company, to help companies understand the WHY of consumer snacking behavior.

In this FI-exclusive webinar, registrants learned about the following:

The Rankings
- The top 50 CPG snacking brands, ranked from top to bottom
- Category-level rankings (e.g., sweets, salty, protein snacks, etc.)
- Snacking brands with the highest brand momentum

The Psychological Factors of Snacking behavior
- Drivers
- Barriers

The Implications for Snacking Companies
- Understanding the competition
- Developing more effective marketing strategies
- Opportunities for Innovation and Product Development

The presentation was given by Hunter Thurman, President of Alpha-Diver and moderated by Brian Choi, Managing Partner and CEO of The Food Institute.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about The Snack 50, and what it could mean for your company.


About Alpha-Diver:

Alpha-Diver is the market research firm that applies neuroscience to more deeply understand marketplace behavior. The firm’s neuroscientists and strategists work with leading brands, retailers and the Wall Street analyst community to explain, measure, and predict consumer behavior. Clients include: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Kellanova, among dozens more. To learn more, visit: www.alpha-diver.com

About The Food Institute:

The Food Institute is a global B2B multimedia company delivering insights-driven content to key decision-makers in the food and beverage industry. With a farm to fork reach since 1928, The Food Institute publishes business news, data, and trends for its global readership. Through its daily e-newsletters, articles, reports, newscasts and other digital media, members receive insights quick enough to respond to real-time issues and opportunities in the marketplace. To learn more, visit: www.foodinstitute.com
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    Hunter Thurman
    President, Alpha-Diver
    In 2011, Hunter Thurman started Alpha-Diver with the vision of applying behavioral science to more deeply understand marketplace behavior. He gathered leading minds in the worlds of neuroscience & psychology, and quickly discovered the wealth of insight that was sitting untapped within academia. He and his team built the framework of durable, predictable human truths – specifically, the 4 drivers, and 5 barriers that underlie behavior. The A-D team works with the world’s leading brands, and the Wall Street analyst community, to continually explain, measure, and predict consumer behavior.
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    Brian Choi, CFA (Moderator)
    Managing Partner/CEO
    Brian Choi is Managing Partner and CEO of The Food Institute, the leading source for food industry news, data, and market trends. He is also an experienced financial executive and consultant, having worked in various roles at Woerner Holdings, Ernst & Young, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs.