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Variable-rate application maps for fall applications of phosphors, potassium, or lime are most powerful when the current crop season data can be included. However, in many cases, the time to process that data is limited by changing weather conditions, the planting of a cover crop, or prepping the next crop.

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    Sally Flis
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    Andrew Gladden
    Information Technology Director, Luckey Farmers Inc.
    A Marine Corps Veteran, 17-year business owner, and expert in network administration, Gladden joined Luckey Farmers, Inc in May, 2014 to lead an evaluation of the organization, implement digital tools to streamline business practices, and create opportunities for growht. Andrew earned his bachelor’s degree in management and organizational development from Spring Arbor University. His extensive knowledge of computers and technology are an asset to Luckey Farmers as the cooperative continues to advance forward. Andrew lives in Elmore with his wife and two sons.
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    John P. Fulton
    Associate Professor, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering, Ohio State University
    John's research and extension focuses on machinery automation and use of spatial data to improve the farm business and in-season decisions with specialization on developing and evaluating technology or automated components related to application equipment to more accurately place and meet site-specific crop and soil needs.
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