“This is SO *@!%ing COOL!” is the best reaction a designer can get. It’s proof that the magic worked. What’s the magic all about you ask? It’s called manipulation. Not the manipulation that offends; rather, the kind that drops jaws in amazement. Designers create things by manipulating any media, any dimension or materials necessary. It’s taking a thought and, by using divination, desperation, resourcefulness, perspiration and enchantment, making it real — and with the right magic, really *@!%ing cool.

At The Creative Circus, you can earn a certificate in design while you build an exciting, creative, interactive portfolio of work that will get you hired at top creative firms, design shops & companies across the US.

Join us on Wednesday, May 8th at 7:00 PM for our Design Virtual Info Session. Learn more about the Design program, chat with the Design Department Directors, and get all your questions answered by our Admissions team all from the comfort of your own home, car or office cubicle.

Find out if this program can take you on the path to your dream career.
  • Design Program Overview
  • Work from Current Students & Alumni
  • Q&A with Design Department Faculty
  • Q&A with the Admissions Team
Interactive Department Director
Chris has been making interactive stuff for about 15 years, and teaching for almost that long. He’s an Aussie by birth, a Kiwi by nationality, a Georgia State Graphic Design alumni, a self-taught developer in Javascript, PHP, and half a dozen other languages, and an avid gamer. He’s enjoyed creating interactive experiences for some cool clients, such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS, Lego, and MODA. His goal at the Circus is to help create interactive rock-stars who will change the world.
Director of Admissions
Carolann is the Director of Admissions for The Creative Circus where she loves helping prospective and current students find their best path to embark on their creative careers. She appreciates all forms of Art and greatly enjoys being around creative students here at the school.

She was formerly the Director of Enrollment for the Paul Mitchell School in Atlanta and is thrilled to be at The Circus. She has a background in Fine Arts and was one of the founders of the Arts & Learning Center at The University of Maryland, where she headed up the Textile Design program. After graduating, she worked for many years in the Fashion Industry as a professional runway model in addition to shooting many catalogs, videos, television commercials and magazine ads.

In addition to being the proud Mom of two amazing humans and to Romeo, the world’s most regal dog, she enjoys cooking, gardening, live music and festivals. When she’s not running the Admissions Department, she can be found biking and cross-country skiing thanks to her New England upbringing.

A lover of both Birkenstocks and high heels, she’ll have to say high heels rule, but above all, she’ll guide you through the admissions process at The Creative Circus and help you discover the amazing opportunities that await you!
Design Department Director
Ron Moore is: going to give it some color; in the same category here as a golden labrador retriever; going to say it another way; probably not planning on changing his name; curious; of the latter school having gone to the former years ago; moving these files to a new folder; thinking outside the orangutan; a full-time job; not with that agency any more, thankfully; trying to make it bigger; fused with his antagonizing antithesis; inviting supporters to join in the celebration; very welcome; not keeping this very close to his chest; here. and has a blog that's easy on the eyes.
Admissions Representative
Jaye Liptak is an Atlanta native who graduated from The
George Washington University with a degree in Broadcasting
and Creative Writing. She loves working in the Admissions
Department at The Creative Circus, surrounded by artists,
writers, and designers and helping prospective students figure
out their creative goals.

For the last twenty years she has been a voice-over artist,
writer, and recently has started performing stand-up comedy
at shows around Atlanta. She is an unabashed grammar nerd,
cake baker, plant lover, and belly rubber to all furry animals.

Last summer she swam with a school of great white sharks just
north of Cuba. And by that, she means that she snorkeled above
one medium-sized reef shark off the stern of a snorkeling party
boat near Key West. But still, it was a real, very medium-sized
shark. And he looked hungry. They made eye contact and time
stopped. They had an understanding about the ocean, the
universe, and various ways to prepare seaweed salad.