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Join us on Monday, May 20th at 7:00 PM for our Advertising Art Direction & Copywriting Virtual Info Session.

Learn more about The Creative Circus advertising Art Direction & Copywriting programs. At this session, we will discuss the importance of creating a portfolio, discuss the difference between Art Direction & Graphic Design, walk you through what a career in creative advertising entails & answer any questions you have.

Event Details:
May 20th, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM

The event is free and open to all prospective students & their parents.
  • Overview of The Creative Circus
  • Art Direction Program Overview
  • Work from Current Students & Alumni
  • Q&A with the Advertising Department Faculty
  • Q&A with the Admissions Team
Carolann Robinson
Director of Admissions
Carolann is the Director of Admissions for The Creative Circus where she loves helping prospective and current students find their best path to embark on their creative careers. She appreciates all forms of Art and greatly enjoys being around creative students here at the school.

She was formerly the Director of Enrollment for the Paul Mitchell School in Atlanta and is thrilled to be at The Circus. She has a background in Fine Arts and was one of the founders of the Arts & Learning Center at The University of Maryland, where she headed up the Textile Design program. After graduating, she worked for many years in the Fashion Industry as a professional runway model in addition to shooting many catalogs, videos, television commercials and magazine ads.

In addition to being the proud Mom of two amazing humans and to Romeo, the world’s most regal dog, she enjoys cooking, gardening, live music and festivals. When she’s not running the Admissions Department, she can be found biking and cross-country skiing thanks to her New England upbringing.

A lover of both Birkenstocks and high heels, she’ll have to say high heels rule, but above all, she’ll guide you through the admissions process at The Creative Circus and help you discover the amazing opportunities that await you!
Jen Mageau
Department Head, Art Direction
After graduating from The Creative Circus in 2001, Jen worked for over a decade as an Art Director at stints with BBDO, Arnold and The Martin Agency, on brands Cingular Wireless (now AT&T), Volkswagen, Royal Caribbean, McDonalds, Geico, Burt’s Bees and Wal-Mart. In addition to her duties as Art Direction Department Head, she's a freelance art director and designer, and also one half of creative recruiting firm, Knack.

Vices include questionable amounts of iced coffee, excessive Amazon deliveries and late-night internet trolling for dream home real estate listings. She believes one is never too technologically advanced for handwritten thank you notes. Jen is married to an overgrown Boy Scout software engineer from Rhode Island, and you can often find them traveling country backroads in the Airstream they share with their 4-legged wunderpup, Gus.
Dan Balser
Department Head, Advertising
Dan has been in the ad business since 1987. And he has been a copywriter since 1990, with a decade in New York agencies both big and small. In addition to his duties as a full-time instructor and department head at The Creative Circus, Dan is a freelance creative director, podcaster, strategist, father, husband and blogger who’s never short of opinions. Check out his blog DGMS: A podcast about advertising.