With 88% of data breaches caused by human error, is your 2020 security strategy able to withstand the impact of employee errors?

Despite over 3,000 security products in the market, data breaches are at an all-time high and businesses remain at risk of insider and outsider threats. At the heart of the problem are people: they make mistakes, break the rules and can easily be hacked.

So when you can get a firewall to protect your network, and EDR to protect your devices, what do you get to protect your people?

Join our webinar to learn about Human Layer Security, a new category of protection that Tessian developed to solve the unsolvable problem in cybersecurity.
  • Why people are the most important factor in enterprise defense
  • Where policies, rule-based protections and employee training leave you exposed, impacting your cybersecurity defense
  • How organizations' like Arm are implementing intelligent solutions to accurately detect and stop employees' errors
Tim Sadler, Tessian
Co-Founder and CEO
Tim Fitzgerald, Arm
Chief Information Security Officer
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