In the software world, IT teams use AI to tackle tedious tasks and dig through oceans of data in minutes. This saves precious time and empowers testers to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Join us for a journey across the past, present, and future of AI. We’ll show you how our testing experts harness the magic of AI and Machine Learning to help industry leaders unlock greater productivity and performance.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

• Self-learning tests and self-healing AI: end-to-end precision and ROI
• Data analytics and machine learning: developing next-gen test automation
• Semantic models and runtime analytics: identifying test performance
• The role of humans: today’s test oracles and creative decision makers
• The future of testing: how to navigate software intelligence breakthroughs
Angel Suon
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Angel Suon is a value-driven, customer-centric product marketer from San Diego, CA. Graduated with a B.S. in Information Technology, Angel has 11+ years of marketing experience, with an emphasis on test automation in the last 6. She enjoys connecting with people to under their real-world challenges when it comes to testing. When she’s not working, you can expect to find her exploring a different city as she loves traveling, hiking, chasing sunsets and waterfalls, going to sports games, and simply soaking in life experiences.
Henri Terho
Product Evangelist
Henri Terho is the Product Evangelist from Copado and is working on obtaining a Ph.D. in software development for startups. Henri has experience from three different startups on building DevOps pipelines and products fast and is now focusing on the biggest bottleneck in software development, testing. Henri is also a total sci-fi buff and a skydiver.
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