Do you think that only engineers can create automated tests? It’s not true!

The old way of building automation consisted of:
1. Learn programming language
2. Slowly build some tests
3. Spend a lot of time on test maintenance

The new way in 2022 and beyond is to:
1. Quickly build test automation without programming
2. Spend almost no time on maintenance
3. Use BDD/copy-paste test cases to make them executable specifications

In this webinar, we will show you how to get started in only a few minutes! Our method focuses on testing from the user's experience. After watching, you will know how to build automated tests more efficiently than QA Automation Engineers.

We will show you how you can use testRigor to write tests by:
• Using plain English
• Copy-pasting existing test cases using Reusable Rules

You’ll also learn:

1. Basics of test automation process, maintenance, and repeatability
2. Best practices with test data
3. Free tools to build tests AND run them in CI/CD
4. How to start building high-quality tests right now
Artem Golubev
CEO, testRigor
Artem is a co-founder of testRigor. He is excited about helping companies to become an order of magnitude more effective in QA and deliver software faster.

Artem started his career 25 years ago by building software for logistics companies. Since then he worked at companies like Microsoft and Salesforce where he learned about best practices and top technologies in QA. He is now bringing those technologies to other companies to allow them to catch up with the software giants and become more efficient in testing.

His recent company testRigor graduated from Y Combinator, the top company accelerator, received a $5.2M investment from Silicon Valley VCs, grew 9X over the last 12 months acquiring customers like Netflix and IDT helping them to reduce the amount of test maintenance 200X and achieve their automation goals within months.
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