Accessors, also known as Locators, are a key component of automated testing. They allow automated testing tools to interact with the application under test by clicking buttons, filling out forms, or executing other required actions. But applications today have become more complex and dynamic, causing accessors to become unreliable.

The consequences of unreliable accessors are significant. Not only do they lead to test failures and false positives, but they also require significant effort to maintain and update. In some cases, test teams may need to spend more time maintaining their test scripts than testing the application.

How can automation teams compensate? Join this webinar to learn:

• How dynamic applications and code-generators may exacerbate the issue
• What solutions teams can adopt to help minimize the incidence of unreliable accessors
• How AI can help make approaches more robust

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Kevin Parker
Vice President of Product, Appvance
Kevin Parker is the Vice President of Product at Appvance.ai. He is a 30-year industry veteran
and the holder of four technology patents.

He specializes in the Digital Transformation of Business Systems through DevOps, Agile, Shift
Left, software development, software testing, software release management, digital
transformation, micro-services architectures, and web-services architectures.

In addition to Kevin working with Appvance customers to ensure their success, he has been
crossing the globe working closely with analysts, the press, customers, partners, and employees to exchange ideas about industry direction and business issues.
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