Putting clients first, while working towards helping them achieve their financial goals is the core philosophy for any successful financial services organization. What also makes them successful is creating amazing digital experiences for their members through various digital channels. The challenges, however, have increased manifold in the last couple of years, as COVID-19 accelerated the demand to offer extensive online access to business applications to customers, internal teams, and other stakeholders in the value chain. One of the key success criteria is to continue delivering a quality software experience.

In this webinar, Deepak Parmar, head of marketing at QMetry will discuss these key quality initiatives with Senior Product Manager, Punit Samtani, who leads the support team at QMetry and is responsible for defining the product roadmap.

You will also learn how financial institutions:

- Realized the need for change
- Identified the potential roadblocks to address
- Defined the key success criteria, and
- Why they chose QMetry for their enterprise digital transformation success

This webinar will focus on digital software quality initiatives supported by continuous testing for financial institutions.
Thu, Mar 3, 2022 · 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) (GMT -8:00)
Punit Samtani
Senior Product Manager, QMetry
Punit brings 15+ years of experience in product management and customer support. He has headed support at QMetry and has a vast experience of working with enterprise organizations for implementing test management solutions. In his current role as Senior Product Manager, he defines the product roadmap and ensures that customer feedback and input are successfully incorporated into the product. He works closely with engineering teams to ensure that new features and improvements are developed to meet the needs of end users and achieve high customer success. Punit holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Amravati University and an MBA from BIMM, Pune.
Deepak Parmar
Head of Marketing, QMetry
Deepak is leading the marketing organization at QMetry, the #1 AI enabled Digital Quality Platform. He loves to engage technologists, business leaders, thought leaders, and storytellers in meaningful conversations. Through this he explores new trends, articulate best practices, and connect cutting edge technology to market needs in software quality domain. He has managed the launch and growth of SaaS based software quality products as well as software security products over the last one and the half decades.