Start calculating and delivering predictable outcomes with better measurement of quality activities.

What testing metrics really matter? What should teams be striving for and achieving today?

With modern testing platforms, data is getting easier to come by. Almost too easy. In fact, the fog of too much data can be as troubling as data scarcity.

Join this webinar with Johnny Lam, Global Solutions Engineer, Perfecto by Perforce, on December 9th to start making better conclusions about quality by measuring what’s meaningful and taking actions that make a difference.

You’ll learn:
• Essential KPIs for test automation
• Efficient ways to achieve them
• How leading organizations are improving quality/reducing costs

Whether you are spearheading quality at a major enterprise or just want to make intelligent contributions to your team, you’ll leave with the means to measure — and make — a difference.
Thu, Dec 9, 2021 · 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -5:00)
Sarah Crocker
Johnny Lam
Director - Global Sales Engineering
Johnny helps Fortune 500 enterprises and leading tech companies optimize and implement modern test automation strategies. With a software engineering background and over 10 years of experience embedded in development and testing teams, Johnny is both knowledgeable and passionate about improving testing efficiency and quality at scale.