Chatbots and virtual assistants are becoming a vital part of businesses’ customer self-service strategy. As these tools become the favored medium to strengthen customer support, how can you ensure you are meeting quality, security, and performance standards while delivering benefits to businesses and customers alike?

Talking to a chatbot usually has no barriers; it runs without any restrictions, resulting in infinitely large training data and test cases. When you combine this with unpredictable user behavior, it becomes incredibly difficult to verify the correctness of Conversational AI.

Testing is a crucial enabler for the success of chatbots and virtual assistants. Doing it manually requires enormous time and effort. Automated testing will remain critical to ensure that bots actually do what their designers intend.

Join us on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022 at 2PM ET for our webinar, How to Improve Your Chatbot with Test Automation. We will answer commonly asked questions about chatbot testing including:

• Why bots fail?
• What and how you should test?
• What can you automate?

We will also showcase the setup of a test automation pipeline for a chatbot to continuously check conversation flows and NLP performance.

From this webinar, you will learn:

• How to get started with automated chatbot testing
• Why it’s important to maintain quality assurance throughout the chatbot lifecycle
• What tools, techniques, and metrics to include in your testing strategy
• How to improve the quality of your NLP model by testing
Christoph Börner
Senior Director, Digital, Cyara, and Founder & CEO, Botium
Christoph Börner is a multi-organizational founder, developer, tester, speaker, and in his spare time, a pretty great drummer. Börner started his career in the 2000s after studying Information Technology at the Technical University of Vienna. As a developer, he discovered a love for coding, breaking complex systems, hunting for bugs, and creating solutions. As his passions continue to evolve, Christoph began to dedicate more focus to quality assurance in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Conversational Interfaces. With this mindset Börner, along with colleague and rock band partner Florian Treml, founded Botium, the leading industry standard in test automation for chatbots, voice assistants and conversational AI. Their open source framework is supported and used by a community of more than 250,000 users around the globe.
Börner is not one to take breaks, so when he is not actively at work, he is always working on a new project such as being co-organizer of the BotsHub Vienna, a leading knowledge network for chatbot development and testing. He also enjoys giving back to his community and formed the ViennaMobileQualityCrew in 2014.
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