Using low-code solutions to solve complex problems has gotten a bad rap in some circles. Sometimes these solutions are thought of as limited, inflexible, risky, just a trend—and the list goes on. The reality is that low-code solutions are being widely adopted across many industries, and in many cases serve as a force multiplier for development organizations, not the inhibitor as some might think they are.

Forget what you think you know about low-code solutions and join mabl for this upcoming webinar where we’ll share some of the common myths we’ve heard and some reassurance on why you may want to think differently about low-code. Attendees will walk away with both answers to common questions, and real-world examples on how teams are tackling some of their toughest challenges when it comes to scaling testing.

Join us and learn about:

● Overcoming common misconceptions of low-code
● How low-code is being adopted by software teams to scale testing
● Considerations in choosing the right low-code test automation solution
Andrew Horgan
Solutions Engineer, mabl
Andrew Horgan (he/him) is a Solutions Engineer at mabl working with customers to identify pain points in their testing and find opportunities to leverage mabl to improve their process. Andrew has a background as an IT specialist working with Python scripting to automate manual workflows and Selenium testing. As a lifelong learner, Andrew enjoys the evolving nature of front-end technologies and solving the unique challenges presented by testing its ever-changing landscape. Andrew enjoys fishing, golfing, and spending time in nature in his free time.
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