Pull requests have become the No. 1 undiagnosed bottleneck in engineering—and we have the data to prove it. After analyzing 1,000,000 pull requests, LinearB has uncovered CI/CD’s greatest weakness and—thankfully—a eureka moment that will forever change the developer experience: Continuous Merge.

Here’s the dirty little secret: not all PRs are created equal. They don’t all need the same level of effort, and some of them don’t need any human intervention at all—it’s just a matter of using data and context to know which is which, and creating intelligent automation workflows to handle PRs appropriately.

In this session, Luke Kilpatrick, Director of Developer Experience at LinearB will dive deep into how to change your processes so your team can adopt Continuous Merge and other practices in order to merge and release faster, with higher quality.
Luke Kilpatrick
Director of Developer Experience
Luke Kilpatrick started as web developer in 1996, transitioning to building developer programs in 2010 with VMware. He has led or worked on developer experience teams at Sencha, Atlassian, Nutanix and now at Hazelcast, looking for ways to bring developers together and to improve their experience learning and using platforms to get their jobs done. Luke has managed and spoken at developer events around the world with highlights being Atlassian Appweek, Nutanix .NEXT, DevRelCon and Data's Future Developer Summit. He lives in California where he spends his spare time, on or under the ocean.
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