Inevitably in today’s world, speed to market and first to market strategies with the apps and services that run the world are top of mind for almost every development and product leader. At the same time, no company can afford to sacrifice user experience just to ship new products out the door quickly.

To ship with confidence, more testing in staging and production environments must be done in less time. Faster development also means greater iteration. Tests cannot become flaky due to constant and rapid changes to code repos, user stories, and databases. It is the only way that apps and services can be super responsive to customer needs and new market opportunities.

Although UI testing has come a long way since the first Selenium scripts were written, there are many parts of modern apps and services that UI testing can only validate inefficiently or not at all. Faster releases only exacerbate this final QA gap.

In this webinar, Sangit Patel, Solutions Engineer at Sauce Labs, reveals how easily you can add API functional and end-to-end testing to existing workflows to close the gap. Sangit also demonstrates how replacing some UI testing with API testing can shorten testing times by 40% or more.

Key Takeaways:

• Testing must never be a bottleneck: Supplement UI testing with modern API testing to significantly lower risk, boost developer velocity and increase certainty in stable release schedules.

• API testing must provide complete coverage: Leverage best practices for building and automating API functional, end-to-end, and load tests from the most popular API spec formats including Postman collections, Swagger, and OpenAPI.

• Get an exclusive sneak preview of the latest API Fortress platform from Sauce Labs that was built from the cloud up for developers and QAs who want a fast, simple and scalable solution to add modern API testing to UI testing.

Thu, Aug 26, 2021 · 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
Sangit Patel
Solution Engineer
Sangit is an engineer by trade, but after some time growing in the ad tech industry he saw an opportunity to shift toward a more client-facing role. In doing so, he realized his passion for bridging the technical side with the business side. After years of using third-party APIs in integrations, Sangit realized that testing for APIs in general was lacking. In joining API Fortress, a Sauce Labs company, he has helped developers and QAs build proper API testing to ensure they deliver quality internally and to their end users. As a Solution Engineer, Sangit works with clients and business partners to improve their API testing.