AI is poised to revolutionize the way we approach quality assurance, offering new possibilities for scaling test coverage and maintaining its effectiveness.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the various AI techniques available and their potential to impact software testing, uncovering the challenges and pitfalls of each. We’ll present the skills and knowledge you must build to harness the potential of AI while building trust in testing results and show how AI can currently help you elevate your software testing practices to achieve greater test coverage with high reliability.

In this webinar, you will learn:
• The potential for each AI technique in software testing
• The skills you must harness to effectively leverage AI in your testing strategy
• How AI can help you improve test coverage with high reliability today
Juliette MacPhail
Product Manager
Juliette MacPhail is a Product Manager at mabl, where she spends her time working on a low-code platform for simplifying test automation and helping teams ship high-quality software. She’s passionate about understanding core challenges in the test automation space and enabling the transition to quality engineering. As an active member of mabl’s DEI committee, she spends her spare time on initiatives related to accessibility, inclusivity, and mental health in the workplace.
Lauren Clayberg Leidal
Software Engineer
Lauren Clayberg Leidal is a Software Engineer specializing in machine learning at mabl, where she leads development on new features such as test ID case tracking and the new url clustering feature. She has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a concentration in machine learning from MIT, where she also earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. She’s very passionate about solving real problems and helping the Agile community. Her favorite projects are those where she can combine creativity with her love for computer science. Her work is driven by teamwork and she loves building tools that make collaboration easier for all Agile teams.
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