For the last decade, there has been a great deal of hope that AI would revolutionize software testing. This hope was codified in the six levels of autonomous testing first documented in 2017. But there has been fuzziness over what is truly implied at each level of autonomy, and uncertainty about what many solutions actually provide in the way of AI-augmented systems to support full autonomy. Simple AI used in self-healing scripts, for example, is now commonplace and should be considered table stakes.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss what it means to achieve true Level-5 autonomous testing, which is a transformational leap beyond what most vendors can deliver. Appvance.ai’s revolutionary Appvance IQ (AIQ) is architected to go far beyond where most organizations operate today.

Join us to learn:

• How AI is used today to traverse your entire application to establish a baseline of all UI and API requests and responses, creating an AI Blueprint that documents every possible user flow through your system
• How AI is used today to automatically develop test scripts for every practical user path
• How AI leverages API production logs to create end-to-end tests based on how users actually interact with your application
• How you can achieve near 100% application coverage with limited effort

You’ll see results from an actual use case with an automotive e-commerce site with over 4 million items in inventory. Their initial Blueprint test run identified 110 bugs not found via the team’s traditional automated and manual testing.
Kevin Surace
CTO and Chairman, Appvance
Kevin Surace is CTO and Chairman of Appvance.ai. He is credited with pioneering work on AI virtual assistants and smartphones and has been awarded 94 worldwide patents, including the key patents underlying Appvance.ai’s AI-driven autonomous test platform. Prior to Appvance, he held leadership roles at Serious Energy, Perfect Commerce, CommerceNet and General Magic. Kevin has been widely recognized as an entrepreneur and innovator, including Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine and CNBC Innovator of the Decade.
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