According to the Gartner® 2022 Market Guide for AI-Augmented Software-Testing Tools, “By 2027, 80% of enterprises will have integrated artificial intelligence (AI)-augmented testing tools into their software engineering toolchain,” up from just 10% today. If you haven’t started with AI yet, doing so quickly is probably daunting.

So, where do you start?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to adopt AI-augmented technology to support your test automation journey. We’ll show how, with AI, you get unheard of application coverage without having to complete every test case. And we’ll provide you with a blueprint that delivers a 360-degree view of your application’s quality with half the resources in half the time.

Whatever your current level of automation, from none to
100%, adding AI to your coverage will drive down the costs and delays associated with automation, drive out those unforeseen risks and errors, and change how you think about application quality.

Join us to learn:

• How to get started with real AI-based test automation
• What autonomous testing is and how it can help you advance more quickly
• How you get better application coverage by writing fewer test scripts
• And why AI turns QA automation engineers into a strategic IT resource

See how far you can advance your quality program in 2023!

Kevin Parker
Vice President of Customer Success
Kevin Parker is the Vice President of Customer Success at Appvance.ai. He is a 30-year industry veteran and the holder of four technology patents. He specializes in the Digital Transformation of Business Systems through DevOps, Agile, Shift Left, software development, software testing, software release management, digital transformation, micro-services architectures, and web-services architectures. In addition to Kevin working with Appvance customers to ensure their success, he has been crossing the globe working closely with analysts, the press, customers, partners, and employees to exchange ideas about industry direction and business issues.
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