Join us to take a look back at how the competitive landscape changed during the last recession, and compare it to today’s market conditions. We will cover shake-ups that the Top 500 chains experienced during the recession, which continued to escalate for years to follow, and apply these insights to today’s environment. You’ll leave with guidance on how to best plan ahead and recover from the pandemic.
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    Vice President, Research & Insights, Technomic
    Since joining Technomic in 2010, Rich Shank, vice president of Research & Insights, has led the growth of Technomic’s proprietary consumer research practice. He has conducted a diverse number of studies that span from consumer journeys and segmentation to menu optimization and pricing analytics. In his time at Technomic, he has been instrumental in launching our Ignite consumer brand tracking service, our concept testing product and our restaurant pricing practice.
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    Marketing Manager, Technomic
    Rose is responsible for the execution and management of marketing Technomic's vast collection of products and services.