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Join us for day 1 of Adult Beverage Planning Program's 2-day session exploring the state of foodservice industry and consumer and menu trends in adult beverage.
  • On-Premise Outlook: Economic & Industry Trends
  • Paradigm Shift: Broader drink portfolios, blurring of lines between categories and evolving consumer behaviors indicate consumers no longer identify strongly with specific alcohol categories. Rather, factors including occasion and need state now play a larger role in drink purchase decisions. This study will explore this hypothesis and the implications for on-premise adult beverage menus, activations and bartender interactions with guests.
Principal, Technomic
Donna directs the firm’s convenience store and adult beverage practices. She is a veteran of the foodservice and drinks industries, having consulted for and covered the restaurant, foodservice, convenience store, beverage and adult beverage markets for nearly two decades.
Senior Principal, Technomic
During Dave’s more than 20 years at Technomic, he’s been involved in a wide variety of client engagements covering food, beverages, equipment and non-food products, both in the U.S. and globally. His expertise lies in opportunity assessments, go-to-market evaluations, market forecasting and trend prognostication.
Regional Vice President, Business Development, Technomic