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    Capt. Chandra Mohan
    Executive Director 6
    Capt. & Elizabeth Mohan are Marketing Executives at, a 35 year old Company founded in the US with 2 Million+ Customers across 19 Countries around the world.

    Enrolled at Melaleuca in Dec of 2010, both Captain Mohan, a retired Airline pilot who enjoys Coaching, and wife Elizabeth, a former Nurse whose passionate about Wellness, have enhanced many lives at Melaleuca.

    Their efforts in helping others is reflected in their achievements as 2 times Marketing Executive of the Year at Melaleuca Malaysia and 3 times International President’s Club award. They are proud parents to 3 daughters and 7 Grandchildren, along with many others in their Melaleuca family.
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    Shirley Leong
    Director 5
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    Chris & Janette Bain
    Director 5
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    Capt. Navinder
    Director 3
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    Ronald Go
    Director 3
    Business Owner:
    1. Ecotrans Car Rentals
    2. Ecofreight, Inc. (trucking company in Manila & Davao)
    3. Ecohaulers, Inc. (prime mover trucking in Panabo, Davao del Norte)
    Vice Pres. for Aviation & Security, Anflocor. Group of Companies
    A Pilot by profession, a businessman by passion.
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    Paul Chin
    Director 4
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    Elizabeth Mohan
    Executive Director 6