For decades, seismic exploration has operated with little to no access to the internet in the field. A network of low-Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites are to become one of the game-changing events of the 21st century. Starlink is offering, the world's most advanced highspeed broadband internet; performance designed to surpass traditional satellite internet. A revolutionary project of this scale presents great opportunities; what will this mean for seismic exploration projects to have instant access to real-time data from remote fields? Will it become a paramount shift? How will it transform seismic exploration and what will this game-changing event mean for the oil and gas industry?

Join Guy C. Holmes, CEO of Tape Ark as he discusses how low-earth orbiting satellites will open up seismic exploration, and how it will become a breakthrough event that shifts the industry.
  • Why seismic exploration needs access to real time data?
  • What's the big deal about low-earth orbiting satellites?
  • How should seismic exploration position and respond to real-time data deluge.
  • Your turn, 15-minutes of Q&A.
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    Guy C. Holmes
    Founder & CEO Tape Ark
    Guy C. Holmes has spent 20-years of his Oil and Gas career designing and delivering seismic data management software and services. For the past three years, Guy's been a maverick for change; challenging the status quo to migrate legacy data to the cloud so that cloud-enabled technologies can be applied to foster actionable innovation and drive commercial breakthroughs.

    Guy has a degree in Physics, an MBA in Technology Management and maintains memberships with PPDM, ASEG, PESA & the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He regularly is a guest speaker for various global industry conferences and writes for the PPDM Foundations Magazine, IQ Magazine, and previously had a regular column in the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysics Preview Magazine.