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    Reformations for Social Security are in motion. Make sure you choose the right option for your situation since there are over 567 ways to choose and the number one option could benefit you over $100,000 in your retirement.

    2024 could be a tumultuous year for Social Security. Current laws or modifications to past laws may impact your benefits and the way you make your election.

    Your Social Security claiming strategies can vary dramatically depending on numerous factors that the government doesn’t share directly with you. Often, you must find out the information on your own.

    Don't miss this powerful, educational webinar, hosted by retirement specialist and investment advisor, Tim J Beeman, with over 4 decades of financial experience. This educational event will cover the basics of Social Security and reveal the latest strategies for maximizing your benefits.

    The information provided is not intended as tax or legal advice and should not be relied on as such. You are encouraged to seek tax or legal advice from an independent professional. Tim J Beeman and/or TJ Beeman Advisory Group are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.
  • Agenda
    • How your Government Employment or other employment may affect your Social Security
    • How a New Administration’s policies could impact your retirement income
    • How to Avoid Double Taxation you could have to pay on your Social Security benefits if your a government employee
    • How to help ensure you don’t miss out on Commonly Overlooked Benefits for married couples and divorcees
    • Two Claiming Strategies that could increase your total benefits
    • Will the Social Security trust fund be solvent beyond 2032
    • How to maximize your benefits
    • Should I coordinate my RMD's with Social Security
    • Should I delay my Social Security to age 70
    • Will IRMAA wipe out a big chunk of my Social Security income
    • Should I take Social Security while I am still working
    • How to minimize taxes on Social Security
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