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    You're cordially invited to an informational webinar for those 60 and older who are retired or planning to retire soon.

    Please join retirement & federal benefits specialist Tim J Beeman, who will share insights on taxes, the economy, potential changes coming from Washington – and what it all means for your retirement. Best of all, you will leave with information designed to help you act immediately, such as:

    1) Strategies to position your assets to help minimize inflationary and looming Bear market recession threats to your nest egg and income.

    2) Ways rising inflation will impact your retirement and how to adjust NOW.

    3) How do you keep up with 8.3% inflation without taking too many risks?

    4) How do you outpace growing inflation and taxes?

    5) How to maintain your purchasing power in retirement, despite rising inflation.

    6) What safeguards you can put in place to weather stock market volatility?

    7) How to help generate income and build an investment portfolio in inflationary times.

    8) Getting a second opinion - why getting a second opinion may be one of the most important financial decisions of your life.
  • Agenda
    • What Do You Want From Retirement?
    • When planning and saving for a comfortable retirement, you need maximum return with minimal risk
    • Understand the SECURE Act 2.0.
    • Understand RMDs.
    • Understanding risk.
    • Know the difference between the withdrawal Method and the Income Method.
    • Fees and Loads on Investments.
    • Converting Retirement Accounts to Tax-Free Income.
    • Understanding Stock Market History.
    • Preparing For A Recession with Inflation In Retirement.
    • What Do You Want From Your MONEY In Retirement?
    • How likely is it that you will spend a substantial amount of your retirement in a bear market?
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