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A well-thought-out estate plan is essential for anyone that owns a home or has assets. With many questions in the air on how new IRS Revenue codes could impact tax savings exemptions and deductions, the time is now to make sure your estate plan can weather these changes.

At our upcoming webinar, you’ll learn about how the new administration, Senate and Congress could impact your ability to take advantage of certain estate-planning tools. You’ll hear straightforward facts about the best methods to help protect your family and heirs from the unnecessary stress, probate and the cost of the probate process. You will also learn about

1) Estate taxes are going back to “historical norms,” what does this mean for you?
2) The advantages and disadvantages of the different types of wills and living trusts.
3) Which types of powers of attorney are best, and which ones could leave you powerless if you become disabled?
4) How probate works, and the best ways to help avoid it.
5) Why putting property in the name of your children could be a mistake.
6) How to help protect your home and savings if you or your spouse end up in a nursing home.
7) How to help avoid the skyrocketing costs of nursing homes.

And much more.

If you have more than $250k in investable assets, this webinar is a MUST ATTEND!
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Hosted By T J Beeman Advisory Group, Inc.

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