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Join Our Exclusive Guest Lecture Webinar with Gil Epstein
We are pleased to invite you to a Guest Lecture Webinar. This session features Gil Epstein, an accomplished Electronics and Mechanical Engineer with over two decades of experience, primarily in the electronics industry. In recent years, Gil has been providing expert planning and prototyping services for various industries, including medical, fitness, and construction.

In this webinar, Gil will share insights on how to maximize your current platform for enhanced hardware design. He will introduce innovative workflows and techniques that utilize the tools at your disposal. If you are keen on improving efficiency and building more robust systems, this webinar will provide valuable knowledge and techniques.
Don't miss the opportunity to gain from Gil Epstein’s extensive experience and innovative approaches.
  • Preparing Schematics for PCB
  • Wire with more efficiently
  • Shortcuts for PCB Layout
  • Mechanical Eyes in 3D View
  • Demo
Altium Designer Product Manager
Electrical Engineer, Expert in Altium and PCB
CEO Vervix