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Improving FPGA, ASIC, and SoC Quality with Early Architecture Modeling

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Whether you are building a prototype or working with a hardware team, adding hardware and system on a chip implementation details in a model can help you to:
• Partition your design components and test bench for reusability
• Model and simulate SoC and board architecture to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks earlier
• Model hardware micro-architecture that addresses common challenges in wireless, DSP, controls, and video/image processing applications
• Make fixed-point quantization tradeoffs and verify functionality and performance before writing any code
• Verify each stage to eliminate bugs before prototyping or handoff
• Improve handoff to a hardware team by providing verification models
During this lecture, we will delve into practical techniques, tools, and real-world examples to showcase the benefits and challenges of incorporating hardware and SoC implementation in models.

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