· Jerusalem (GMT +3:00)
הוספ.י ליומן
Introducing the new Harness Design functionality that allows engineers of various types (involved in the Product Design process) to bring comprehensive harness design support into the same environment as PCB and system design, removing the previous heavy reliance on third-party software.
The Harness Design functionality allows you to create a full wiring harness design, from the individual pin-to-pin connections right through to manufacturing documentation. A harness design can be created as a standalone project, or as part of a Multi-board project.
Join us in this webinar and discover how to automate you cabling design process and see how to create schematics, cabling (2D/Layout/3D)
and documentation within the same software

Altium Designer Product Manager
Electrical Engineer, Expert in Altium and PCB
Altium Account Manager
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