Whether it’s the Synergex team hard at work on an integration update, or the latest feature straight from Microsoft, there is always something new happening in the world of Visual Studio. If you develop Synergy in VS, you will want to join us for this webinar series, where we’ll talk about upcoming features, productivity tips, and other topics as needed (who’s excited for 64-bit Visual Studio?).

Bring your questions, debug logs, error codes, and enthusiasm, and we will see you there!
Thu, Sep 2, 2021 · 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) (GMT -7:00)
Arief Zein
Software Engineer
Arief joined Synergex in 2013 and is currently a Software Engineer working mainly in the Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio. He’s made various improvements and maintenance through the years in the SDI product areas, such as Intellisense and Project System functionalities. He’s currently developing and implementing Visual Studio 2022 support for SDI, and is involved with interfacting the SDI product with other product sets in the Synergex family such as the compiler and installer.
Marty Lewis
Software Development Manager
Since joining Synergex in 2007, Marty has worn a variety of hats as a Software Engineer or Manager for the Workbench and Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio products. He was instrumental in the delivery of traditional Synergy support for the SDI product and was more recently the architect for the new unit testing support for traditional Synergy. He now serves the company as Software Development Manager and works across teams to improve processes and innovate.
Ryan Britton
Junior Software Engineer
Ryan joined Synergex in 2019 as a member of the QA team before becoming a developer for SDI. After getting his bearings, Ryan jumped straight into the Traditional Synergy Unit Test project, building out the subsystem that facilitates reading from ELB and DBP files -- a key component in determining which tests are available to run. He is currently working on improvement of SDI’s IntelliSense behavior.
Nick Tammadge
Software Engineer
Nick joined Synergex in 2018 as a Jr. Software Engineer in Test for Synergy/DE and Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio. He’s made vital contributions to redesigning automated tests and has become a developer for SDI. He’s currently developing and implementing the traditional Synergy unit test project and is involved with adopting continuous integration and deployment throughout the product set.