About This Webinar
Simon Jones is a freelance military historian, battlefield guide and former museum curator. He is author of Underground Warfare 1914-1918 (2010), a subject which he has been studying for more than thirty years.

His talk examines the war beneath the trenches in which an ancient method of warfare was revived on a massive scale using modern technology and a highly skilled civilian workforce.
  • What was military mining during 1914-18?
  • Profile of miners & mining engineers enlisted.
  • Technology & explosives.
  • Underground tactics.
  • Evaluation of military effectiveness.
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    Simon Jones
    Simon is a former curator at English Heritage and the Royal Engineers and King's Regiment Museums. He has taught at Liverpool and Lancaster Universities and was lead historian for the exploration of a tunnel system and archaeology on the Somme at La Boisselle, 2011-2015. He blogs at SimonJonesHistorian.com.