Tim Whittle is the author of 'Fuelling the Wars – PLUTO and the Secret Pipeline Network 1936 to 2015'.

His talk deals with the second half of his book covering from the recommissioning of the network as a result of the Cold War through to its sell off by the government in 2015.
  • The Cold War expansion of the network
  • Strategic storage of fuels in the Plumley and Cape farm Salt Cavities
  • Use of the system for ground fuels and civil aviation
  • The end of the Cold War
  • The sell-off of the system
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    Tim Whittle
    Tim Whittle is a retired chartered engineer with forty years experience in the control and instrumentation industry of which thirty years were spent on pipelines including twenty on oil pipelines. He has both science and technology degrees and has given many talks on both the wartime and 'cold war' pipeline networks. In his retirement he is currently taking a part-time history degree.