About This Webinar
Sub Brit and Mendip Caving Group member Ed Waters will describe the efforts to explore the interconnected lead mines and natural caves of Sandford Hill which lies within the Mendip Hills of Somerset. The Webinar will cover over 15 years of tough exploration, including digging out fill from narrow passages and an 80ft (24m) shaft. These efforts have led to the discovery of extensive previously unrecorded mine workings and caves not seen since the miners were last here in the 18th Century. Given the lack of written records, such exploration is the only way to study these mines and a great deal of knowledge has been gained by this work. However, we have still to shed light on a 19th Century legend or to realise the hoped for "through trip" from the top to the bottom of the hill, though it is tantalisingly close.
  • Location of Sandford Hill and history of mining.
  • The legend of "The Gulf".
  • State of underground exploration on Sandford Hill.
  • Description, history and exploration of Sandford Levvy.
  • Reopening and extension of Pearl Mine and current activity on Sandford Hill.
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    Ed Waters
    Ed Waters is a caver with over 30 years of experience of underground exploration both at home an abroad. He is a member of the Mendip Caving Group, Subterranea Britannica and the International Union of Speleology's Commission on Volcanic Caves.