About This Webinar
What is offender profiling? Can we use clues from a perpetrator’s behaviour and method to predict his or her identity? Using case study illustrations but referring extensively to the research literature on the psychology of criminal behaviour and personality, Dr Marina Rachitskiy examines the science of offender profiling and whether these profiles can help to catch criminals. Can we predict perpetrators’ personalities, their location, their occupation and whether they will commit crime again?
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    Dr Marina Rachitskiy
    Interim Head of Programmes for Psychology
    Dr Rachitskiy is an accomplished academic and researcher. She has completed her BA studies in Canada, after which she moved to the UK to complete her MSc and PhD in Forensic Psychology.

    She has worked in the Department of Justice Canada and volunteered at the Ottawa Distress Centre. Her BA research project has been awarded a Certificate of Academic Excellence by the Canadian Psychological Association and she has published and presented her work internationally.
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    Rosamond Watling
    Senior Lecturer in Psychology
    Rosamond is a Chartered Cognitive Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Regent's University London, who leads the BSc Psychology Programme.
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    Anna Lozhkina
    International Officer