FREE WEBINAR - Despite technological advances, face-to-face pitch presentations have remained popular – to the degree that account teams can travel hundreds or thousands of miles to deliver them. This is partly about culture and habit, but, even more importantly, because evaluators can get the sense of the organisation and people that they are dealing with.

And now, overnight, it’s changed. We’re faced with using an unfamiliar - and unforgiving – medium where personal contact is reduced to video windows and disembodied voices. And, worse still, where it’s much harder to capture and maintain the attention of the audience.
Susan will explain why this is a huge opportunity for organisations to differentiate themselves. And she’ll show you how the underlying scientific principles of powerful presenting online are no different to those for face-to-face. You just need to apply them differently.

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Susan Hanning
Presenter today
Susan trains and coaches teams to create and deliver stand-out proposal presentations. Her approach is unique – and engaging – and brings together applied psychology and proposal best practice. It covers everything from strategy, structure and storytelling to persuasion and delivery techniques.
Susan has been a senior consultant with Strategic Proposals for six years. Her key strength is her ability to apply her science-led approach to presentations across industries – bringing insights and new tools.
She provides live presentation support to a range of organisations and also runs highly acclaimed training courses.
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