Universal Automation Center (UAC) helps organizations automate, manage, and orchestrate real-time IT tasks and processes across multiple platforms and business applications. UAC version 7.5, launched earlier this month, offers many enhancements that allow you to do so much more. Join Colin Cocksedge, Director of Product Management at Stonebranch, to see what’s new in 7.5, including:

* Enhanced observability with a new telemetry data connector
* New multi-factor authentication capabilities
* Additional truststore/keystore administration
* Evolution of the z/OS JCL editor
* Updated database support for UDMG
* New self-service wizard for the SAP connector
* General UX updates
* And more!

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Colin Cocksedge
Director of Product Management, Stonebranch
Colin Cocksedge is Director of Product Management at Stonebranch responsible for driving product strategy within Stonebranch with a strong focus on maximizing the business value of the Stonebranch software portfolio in the field of workload automation. Mr. Cocksedge joined Stonebranch in 2000 and since then has held various positions within the company’s technical organization — from the pre-sales and technical service departments to product management.
Lauren Tancini (Moderator)
Senior Marketing Manager, Stonebranch
Lauren Tancini is a Senior Marketing Manager at Stonebranch, where she oversees event communications, corporate newsletters, social media, and the Integration Hub marketplace. She has a proven track record in the technology sector — for firms like Aptos Retail, Avolin, and Aptean — specializing in customer-oriented marketing strategies since 2015. Ms. Tancini holds a degree in business administration from Georgia Southern University.
Caroline Geckler (Moderator)
Events Marketing Manager
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