Get a taste of this year’s special-edition Science Week Escape Room! Aligned with the theme of Food: Different by design, this unique experience will be sure to excite your students. We’ll talk through the activities and how to successfully run your very own Escape Room, whether you're at school or teaching remotely.
Stile PL Team
Meadhbh O'Brien
Professional Learning Leader (BSc Hons, PGCE)
Meadhbh has taught senior chemistry, mathematics and junior science in both public and private schools in Australia, England and Cyprus. She is an alumnus of the Royal Society of Chemistry scholar program and former mentor of a physics knowledge enhancement course for graduate teachers. Meadhbh works with teachers to enhance their practice with the use of digital resources to maximise the teaching and learning of all students.
Marie Kinsey
Science Curriculum Writer (BcS, Dip Lang)
Marie is a science communicator, with a background in presenting and program development. She has a passion working with young people and educators in various fields. Previously, Marie worked in school incursion program development and delivery for the Marine Mammal Foundation, as a learning facilitator for Scienceworks (Museums Victoria) and a mediator for Science Gallery Melbourne. Marie works in content at Stile, creating lessons, quizzes and other resources to assist teachers in the classroom and inspire students with a passion for science.
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