Science inquiry skills are a pivotal element of science education, and often a barrier to students fully engaging with scientific ideas and concepts. In this webinar, our guest Marta Ivkov, will be exploring how to embed our Skill Builder lessons into your topics to support student development of relevant inquiry skills.

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Wed, Feb 17, 2021 · 5:00 PM Canberra (GMT 11:00)
Marta Ivkov
Guest Speaker
Marta is an educator, teacher and is a former Head of Content at Stile. She is particularly passionate about innovative curriculum design that fosters the development of scientific literacy skills and empowers students to become tomorrow's leaders.
Whilst at Stile, Marta led the content team to develop innovative, world-class resources that integrated scientific disciplines with real-world contexts. She's particularly proud of developing Stile's skill builder lessons and the integration of these key skills across the collection. Another highlight during her time at Stile was the creation of Art of Science lessons which promote discussions about important scientific issues through the use of visual communication.
Marta is currently enjoying being back in the classroom teaching Science, Mathematics and VCE Biology in a highly multicultural, low-socioeconomic school in Victoria.
Charlie Kidd
Teaching and Learning Expert
Charlie began her teaching career at a private girls’ school in Melbourne, teaching VCE Biology, General Science and Physical Education. During that time, she completed her Master of Education through research examining the barriers teachers face when adopting new pedagogical approaches and the belief systems that inform practice.
A defining moment of her career was the teaching stint she conducted in Vanuatu, where she was able to gain a first hand understanding of the varied contexts, educational goals and parameters that communities across the globe teach within.
Charlie is passionate about the power education has to drive positive change in the world, and believes empowering teachers sits at the heart of this. She believes it is a privilege to apply the learnings from her Master research to support teachers in bettering their practice to improve student outcomes and foster a love of science in younger generations.
Stile PD Team