The team at Stile are here to support you every step of the way as your return to school for the new year!

To help you use Stile during these unprecedented times, join us at 5.00pm on Thursday 03/02/22 (AEDT) for a free 45 minute Flash PL webinar brought to you by our Professional Learning team and special guest, Joseph Centoni. Joseph is an experienced science teaching practitioner based in California. In the last two years, he has taught in a variety of settings and has used Stile along the way.

We'll hear Joseph speak about his experience of teaching in remote and hybrid settings and the strategies that he developed in order to do this. We'll also cover how to use Stile when teachers and students are unexpectedly and frequently absent so that you can deliver a seamless teaching and learning experience.
Thu, 03/02/2022 · 5:00 PM Melbourne (GMT 11:00)
Stile PD Team