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In our post-pandemic world, screens and devices have seeped into every aspect of our children’s lives. The side effects correlated with screen use — loneliness, political polarization, a decline in mental health — continue to surface, and a daunting 44% of American teens report feeling persistent sadness and hopelessness.

Are you seeing these challenges in your practice?

Welcome to the Screen Sanity CEU course, an on-demand webinar that seeks to enhance social work practice by providing practical tips and tools that can be used in individual or group settings. You'll learn about the relationship between technology use and mental health, and feel better equipped to talk with clients about one of the deepest challenges facing youth today.

- Understand the relationship between technology/social media use and implications for mental health disorders.
- Provide a playbook/roadmap for parents/mental health professionals to develop a “tech plan” and facilitate meaningful conversations around the pressures for adolescents today.
- Help clients define some of their core values and establish how technology/social media use helps/hurts these value systems.
- Recognize the emotional stress social media can cause on youth, and identify ways to boost mental health.

Screen Sanity is a nonprofit organization that helps parents, caregivers and community leaders explore digital health for themselves and for their families, providing support for mentoring kids in this digital age. Our programs, resources and tools are designed around our organizational mission — to build a world where kids stay captivated by life, not screens — and serve to support families on every leg of their digital journey.
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