Join START for a global screening of this eye-opening documentary produced by parents Rob Cope and Zareen Sheikh-Cope, whose blended family includes four children aged nine to fifteen. While navigating the pros and cons of handheld devices in the current digital climate, they decided to start making documentaries and providing resources after discovering what children are accessing--particularly in regard to exposure to online pornography, predators and the effects on children's emotional and physical well-being. The film includes practical ideas to help parents keep children safer online. Rob, Zareen, the START team, and other global experts will be available throughout the film to chat with participants. Designed for adults only; while not visually graphic, descriptions and stories are likely to shock or disturb younger viewers.

The first hour will provide a comprehensive and compelling overview of the context faced by our youth and the final 30 minutes will provide practical steps you can take to help them stay safe online.
Thu, Jul 30, 2020 · 7:45 PM Central Time (US & Canada) (GMT -5:00)
START : Stand Together And Rethink Technology
START equips parents and community members to be mentors and guides so kids can grow up happy and healthy in an increasingly digital world. We offer a variety of resources for families and organizations—all designed to help you maximize the benefits of screens, but minimize the negative side effects. START’s work has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Diane Sawyer, and the New York Times and their blog has been visited by more than 4 million people around the world.
Zareen Sheikh-Cope & Rob Cope
Film-makers, Hazardous Journey Productions
Zareen is an author, speaker & filmmaker specialising in helping others to understand trauma and build emotional resilience. She is a qualified life coach, holds a qualification in trauma management and is undertaking a psychology degree.

Rob is also an author, filmmaker & the founder of Project Wildman, a charitable trust, established to help men learn how to communicate more effectively in their daily lives, reduce anger, anxiety and depression. In 2014 he gave a TEDx Talk on this subject 'Men Wanted For Hazardous Journey'. Rob also established Project Wild Dad aimed at helping parents navigate parenthood through short educational videos.

In April 2020, after almost two years of research and interviewing experts Rob and Zareen made the documentary 'Our Kids Online: Porn, Predators & How To Keep Them Safe'.
Russ Tuttle
Founder, The Stop Trafficking Project
Russ Tuttle is the president and founder of The Stop Trafficking Project™. He uses his strengths of communication, leadership, team development, and compassion to combat the crisis of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST). He is an active member of several coalitions and task forces in Kansas and Missouri.

Russ is the director of BeAlert™, which is the prevention and awareness strategy of The Stop Trafficking Project™. The primary method of implementation of BeAlert™ is through presentations designed to 1) educate and empower students and 2) guide adults from awareness to action. A commitment to collaborate with trusted people and organizations has impacted the lives of over 115,000 people. The BeAlert™ strategy has proven impactful in a variety of settings.

Russ grew up for much of his childhood and teenage years in India. This created within him the drive to serve those who are unable to help themselves. He brings 30 years of passion and experience in the not-for-profit world to The Stop Trafficking Project™ team and is the primary communicator of the vision and mission.
Heidi Olson
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Children's Mercy Hospital
Tracy Foster
Co-Founder, START
Elizabeth Miranda
Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist, Miranda Counseling
Liz Walker
Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project
An accredited sexuality educator, speaker and author, Liz is dedicated to culture-shifting initiatives that respond to pornography harms on children & young people.

Liz provides schools and community education as Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project: educating for tricky conversations. Initiatives include IQ PROGRAMS, a whole-school educational package; and Porn Resilient Kids: equipping families for tricky conversations through educational resources and children’s books.
Kristen A. Jenson
Best-Selling Author, CEO of Protect Young Minds
Kristen A. Jenson is the author of the best-selling Good Pictures Bad
Pictures series of read-aloud books. With over 150,000 copies sold
worldwide in 5 languages, her books are a valuable resource to help
children develop an internal filter against inappropriate content. She is
the founder of Protect Young Minds, an organization dedicated to
helping parents empower their kids with tools to resist and reject
pornography including the new Brain Defense™ Digital Safety
curriculum for elementary students. Kristen is an active member in the
Safeguard Alliance of the National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation
and has testified before the Washington State Senate Law and Justice
Committee on the public health crisis of pornography. She is a popular guest on radio broadcasts as well
as podcasts and webinars and continues to be a strong voice for protecting children from all forms of
sexual exploitation. Kristen earned a B.A. in English Literature and an M.A. in Organizational
Communication. She is the mother of three children and her latest honor is becoming a grandma!
Kristen lives with her husband in the beautiful state of Washington.
Angela Maurstad