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Join us for an interactive Q&A with Dr. Ruston about parenting issues surrounding sleep.
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    Delaney Ruston MD
    Physician and Director
    Delaney Ruston, is a Stanford trained physician, author of Parenting in the Screen Age and the creator of Screenagers and Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER. These award winning films have thus far brought together 4.5 million people in over 80 countries to discuss our kids and screen time solutions. Delaney is an invited speaker to places such as Google, The World Health Organization, and The United Nations, and she is continually asked to speak to the press, such as PBS Newshour, Good Morning America and the New York Times.

    Dr Ruston has long been working on mental health awareness having created past films and advocacy campaigns on the topic. She has won several awards for her work from places such as Harvard and Mental Health America.

    And finally, Delaney has been a teacher and researcher at top medical schools, and has continued all along with her passion of providing primary care to underserved adolescents and adults.