University of Sunderland

The University of Sunderland is a highly-respected UK university that combines academic excellence with fantastic student support and pastoral care. As you would expect from a university that has been providing education since 1901, we offer a rich and high-quality education and facilities. We're proud to be an innovative, accessible and inspirational university.
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St Mary's University Twickenham

St Mary's University, Twickenham is a public university in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, in South West London. Founded in 1850, it is generally acknowledged to be the oldest Roman Catholic university in the United Kingdom.
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University of Roehampton

Located on a 54-acre parkland campus in south-west London, the University of Roehampton warmly welcomes students from all around the world. Of the 9,000 students we have in total on campus, approximately 14% are international. The university is host to representatives from over 140 countries around the world, offering a uniquely diverse student experience. Studying with us will give you the best of both worlds: the community feel of a traditional university campus, with the culture and nightlife of one of the greatest cities in the world. With this, the campus helps create a close-knit community that will help you feel at home.
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    Simon Rogg
    Regional Manager
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    Tom Girandon
    International Officer
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    Tom Atkinson
    International Development Officer